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What is Oral Mucositis?

  • Oral mucositis (OM) is characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the soft tissues within the mouth leading to severe pain, inability to eat or speak and is widely considered the most debilitating side-effect of cancer therapy.
  • Patients may progress from a solid to a liquid-only diet due to an inability to swallow and require the use of a feeding tube, which is often inserted prophylactically.
  • There is currently no adequate solution on the market to treat or prevent OM. Patients are prescribed high doses of opioids to manage their severe pain and physicians frequently resort to interrupting treatment.
  • Each year, more than 450,000 cases of oral mucositis are reported in the US. In particular, patients with head and neck cancers undergoing chemoradiotherapy (CRT) will experience the more severe forms of oral mucositis.

Introducing a new photobiomodulation therapy

Photobiomodulation (PBM) offers a safe and effective treatment for Oral Mucositis with over 20 years of supporting clinical research. Unfortunately, limitations of current light-delivery technology has prevented its adoption. MuReva has developed a new technology to overcome these barriers and create the first commercially viable, patient-friendly solution: the MuReva Phototherapy System.

The MuReva Phototherapy System utilizes novel lightguide technology integrated into an illuminated mouthpiece capable of simultaneously delivering a controlled dosage of light to all OM-susceptible tissues and is designed for the treatment and prevention of OM.

  • Comfortable: MuReva’s patented lightguide technology allows for controlled delivery of light in a patient-friendly format: thin, soft and flexible.
  • Controlled: The mouthpiece is designed to simultaneously dose all OM-susceptible areas including back of throat in several minutes
  • Safe: The Light Control Unit contains all of the electronics and utilizes a fiber-optic cable to transmit light to the mouthpiece without heat.

What is Photobiomodulation?

Photobiomodulation is the use of a specific dosage of light (wavelength, power and time) to stimulate biological functions, including wound healing. Photobiomodulation in the form of laser therapy has been demonstrated to be highly effective in the treatment of oral mucositis. However, this laser therapy must be operated by a trained clinician, can only treat small areas of tissue at a time, and one full treatment can take as long as 40 minutes, daily.

MuReva has developed a technology which harnesses Photobiomodulation to overcome the barriers which have limited the widespread adoption of medical lasers for the treatment of oral mucositis. Our technology delivers a safe, low-level visible light at a wavelength of 660nm and is designed to to deliver Photobiomodulation therapy to the mouth of an individual undergoing localized radiation therapy in order to reduce the severity of oral mucositis.

Photobiomodulation: Pathway to Wound Healing

Our Clinical Study

MuReva is currently conducting a prospective, multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the MuReva Phototherapy System with a light delivery mouthpiece to reduce the incidence of severe oral mucositis in adult patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity, oropharynx, tonsils and base of tongue who are receiving concurrent radiation and chemotherapy.